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GitarreWhat in particular do we music fans admire our stars for? In musicians who provide us with soundtrack for certain touching and moving moments of our lives? In people who expose themeselves to criticism by the on- and offline community for self-provided piece of music? In my opinion, it’s not about reputation or music in the first place. I'm convinced that this kind of admiration actually originates from something completely different: It's the ability of our "heroes" to create something original. Imitation becomes Innovation.


Therefore it's an essential part of my lessons to teach the students certain skills beyond covering songs, so they can express themselves in their own musical way and are able to explore the "open system of music" by interacting with other musicians with the guitar in their hand.

I'm looking forward to learning by teaching

Dominikus Ringeisen

Ⓒ2017 Dominikus Ringeisen // auf deutsch // Impressum